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Paweł Górecki

is the founder of Body Armour. He is a titled K1 and MMA fighter, former non-commissioned officer of the Polish army who began his career as a trainer in 2008 by training fighters who belonged to one of the strongest clubs in Poland: Kodokan Gliwice (as a Muay Thai trainer), Fight Area (Katowice, as a Muay Thai trainer), Spartan, Knurów (Muay Thai trainer), Fight4Fit (Muay Thai and self-defence trainer). In the army he was responsible for training soldiers within the scope of, among other things, hand-to-hand fighting. He ended his career in the army after 7 years to focus only on sport and his passion.


Martial Arts

He made his first steps in sport and martial arts in Poland where he began his trainings in 2001 in a Ju-jutsu club in Przemyśl, where took him his father, ”It was then when I began to love this sport, martial arts where you depend only on yourself”. Paweł’s first trainer was Sensei Robert Wyskiel, who made a young boy accustomed to the basics of techniques. The next trainer with whom Paweł stayed and made friends was Tomasz Dańko who was the first one to prepare him to competition.



For whom: training is dedicated to everyone who wants to delelop their fitness in a creative and interesting manner. If your aim is to improve your mood, self-confidence and getting rid of negative emotions as well as achieving fantastic results within the scope of shaping your body and knowing martial arts techniques, this form of activity will be suitable for you. Why do I promote personal development both in physical and mental dimensions by means of martial arts?
In my career I helped hundreds of people get back to or build shape, either during group or individual sessions. I always pay attention to health and safety. Training for me is something more than just sweating buckets, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of meeting fantastic people, working on yourself, healthy lifestyle, awareness of what I do, what I eat and how I can influence my body and mind. I do not favour any diets, I’m a person who learns how to eat healthy to enjoy great health and having a healthy-looking body.
Due to the fact that I worked for 7 years as a non-commissioned officer of the Polish army training in the fresh air is nothing new for me. Such trainings are a great test of physical and mental endurance. If you want to be pos itively surprised by the quality of training and satisfied with the results, I do recommend collaboration with me.
Self-defence is a compilation of various martial arts techniques and mastering of the ability to react to what is happening, however, this is not the only aspect we work on. One of the very important elements is mental strengthening, building your self-confidence and self-esteem together with creating of mental comfort zone so that you can relax and unwind in every situation.

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